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The different types of Casino roulettes

Based on the existence of the number of squares zero, there are three major variations of casino roulette. Thus, the European roulettes including the English and French have a single zero slot. The American roulette , it has two zeros as Roulette Royale offers a progressive jackpot.

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As for Mexican roulette, even if it is a little rarer, it has 3 zero squares. It also happens that some casino operators offer a zero-zero roulette where the player and the establishment have the same chance of winning. On the media side, there are games available in land-based establishments and online casino roulettes.

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Online roulettes

Here, the differentiation is done at the level of the software used. Among those provided by Evolution Gaming, we distinguish the:


It is an innovation of the field which has thousands of fans around the world. And with good reason. Indeed, it offers an online gaming experience with live dealers. Something made possible thanks to the numerous cameras aimed at the different angles of the publisher’s land-based casino. Close-up view effects emerge. The game also allows you to enjoy HD video and high definition quality with 200 frames per second.


The name of this casino roulette says a lot about how it works. Indeed, this variant with live dealers is the fastest and most dynamic there is. It allows you to play a game in 25 seconds thanks to a video-based winning number recognition system. The players who participate in it should also be prepared to play online casino in Singapore a series of games and not to take any breaks. The latter are generally observed during the delivery of winnings or the recovery of losing bets.


Two game balls on the wheel, twice the chance of winning, an attractive graphic environment, more fun… These are the characteristics of this novelty from Evolution Gaming. Indeed the operation of this variant animated by a live dealer is identical to that of other casino roulettes. The difference lies in the fact that the professional, thanks to a push button, sets in motion two balls instead of just one. These each land on a different number thus increasing the player’s chances. Likewise, the winnings are automatically sent to the winner’s account, who can start a new game if they wish.

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